Return (Buy it again) is a research project designed for the experimental disclosure and artistic investigation of Amazon's retour infrastructure. Most of the verbose infrastructure remains hidden for the everyday consumer and even for the critical observer. Apart from huge Amazon warehouses located in more rural areas, which can sometimes be seen when traveling along motorways, or mostly anonymous parcel delivery services that move in white unlabelled vans, any physical instance remains hidden. Most of Amazon's services are outsourced to third party companies making it hard to track down the course of action and operation of the multinational company. While the Amazon universe stays hidden to us, our actions and preferences don't do so to the company. Handling our personal data is part of their business model -- creating an information asymmetry, resulting in an imbalance of power between us, as a customer and them as our superviser. Our interest is to dissolve these roles and reveal the spatial workings of the company. This is why we set the goal to hunt down Amazon's infrastructure and decided to track and survey parcel movement with a simple but effective intervention.


Within this intervention, we ordered GPS trackers from Amazon, charged and powered them on, while directly initiating the retour process. Through the proxy API of the GPS device's manufacturer, we are able to track Amazon's infrastructure for roughly 20 days.

1. Order the device here
2. Charge and power on tracker
3. Submit your tracker ID and return device